How to determine safety factors in novel engineering concepts? How to determine cost-effective inspection and monitoring strategies that ensure reliability? How to identify risk-balanced solutions for protecting your system against natural hazards?

Advanced consulting and training

Our clients are faced with uncertainty and risk in their activities and analyses. We identify the most appropriate state-of-the-art methods and technologies to deal with these uncertainties, with the aim of determining the optimal strategy balancing cost and benefits. We are experts in:

  • reliability modeling and computations
  • risk assessment for technical and infrastructure systems
  • advanced numerical modeling
  • material modeling
  • enhanced data analysis and model learning for engineering applications
  • optimization of dynamic performance and vibration mitigation

We are also experienced in communicating our solutions, making sure that our clients understand our solution. In addition, we offer tailor-made training programs in combination with our software solutions.

We have over 10 years of experience working with the construction, energy, offshore, transportation, maritime and aeronautic industry. Contact us directly if you want to find out if and how we can help you, or simply for further information on our activities.

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