How to model uncertainties in engineering systems? How to evaluate sensitivities of uncertain variables to the system response? How to assess the reliability of structures modeled by sophisticated finite element software?

Software Solutions

Engineering structures are replete with uncertainties. In order to obtain safe and efficient structural designs, the engineering community is in need of software with capabilities of including uncertainties in model parameters. We develop software for incorporating probabilistic, reliability and sensitivity analysis in engineering models of physical systems.

We are active in the continuing development of the Strurel software. Strurel is a software suite of tools for structural reliability analysis, with over 20 years of development. Features include component and system, invariant and time-variant reliability assessment and sensitivity analysis.

A prototype integration of the Strurel package with the SOFiSTiK finite element software package is currently under development.

In addition, we develop specific tailor-made software solutions for the industry. Previous software includes the iPlan software for optimizing inspections in fatigue-subjected structures using reliability-based methods, which is applied by several of the world-leading oil & gas exploration companies.

Contact us directly if you want us to develop a software solution that meets your specific needs.

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