Strurel is a complete software package for structural reliability assessment. Strurel has its roots in the research conducted at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Over the last three decades, researchers at TUM have developed reliability methods that have become standard practice in the structural reliability community. The methods and algorithms implemented in Strurel have undergone extensive testing within over 20 years of development. Strurel users include a number of international leading companies in structural, geotechnical and mechanical engineering. The features of Strurel include:

  • Suite of solution algorithms
  • Advanced stochastic dependence models
  • Enhanced sensitivity analysis
  • System reliability capabilities
  • Partial safety factor computation
  • Bayesian updating of reliability
  • Reliability-based optimization
  • Time-variant reliability analysis

Comrel / Sysrel modules for component and system reliability analysis

  • Over 40 univariate distribution models
  • Nataf / Hermite multivariate distribution models based on user-defined correlation matrix
  • General multivariate distributions with user-defined dependencies
  • Random scalar and vector processes
  • Time invariant reliability
  • Time variant reliability
  • Partial safety factor calibration
  • Reliability based optimization
  • Reliability updating
  • System reliability
  • FORM
  • SORM
  • Monte Carlo
  • Importance sampling
  • Directional sampling
  • Axis parallel importance sampling
  • Adaptive sampling
  • Subset simulation (from Comrel version 9)


  • In-depth documentation
  • Support packages are available
  • Academic and student versions are available


Dr. Iason Papaioannou

+49 (0)89 21709083
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